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Proper planting techniques for your Belgian Mums

What Caught Our Eye This Week (week 48)

Fusarium Control in Garden Mums

What Caught Our Eye This Week (Week 44)

What Caught Our Eye This Week (Week 40 and 41)

What Caught Our Eye This Week (Week 39)

What Caught Our Eye This Week

Perennials Increasingly Pack the Flower Power of Annuals

How You Can Connect With A Broader Audience Through Webinars

Qualitree finds success with Ready for Retail program

Take Advantage of Consumer Trends at Retail

Extending Sales with Late-Season Perennials

Popularity of Succulents Continues to Soar

Callused Cuttings Can Be Solution for Hard-to-Root Plants

4 ways to improve your garden mum quality

Keep It Simple

Less Can Be More

Elevate Your Assortment with Breakthroughs from Cultivaris

Garden center success with succulents

Why are retail-ready edibles all the rage?

ePlantSource Now Offering Products For Garden Centers

The weather...and your Mum season

No-Pinch, No-PGR Coleus are a Grower’s Dream

Ten Perfect Plants for Pollinators

ePlantSource launches new responsive site

How two growers improved planning with online ordering

Content Marketing: Buzzword Or Here To Stay?

ePlantSource partner list expands, 5 companies added to the list

Advantages of Advance Ordering

Is Email Dead?

Raker Connect 2015

Pinch or not to pinch Belgian Mums?

Increase profitability: Tips for filling gaps in downtimes

ePlantSource™ Welcomes EuroAmerican to list of Partners

ePlantSource™ Announces New Partnership with Hort Couture

Wondering what ePlantSource is all about?

Hear what the experts have to say...what will impact next season the most?

Spring Trials 2015 Virtual Tour: Skagit Gardens, Gediflora, Suntory, EuroAmerican

Spring Trials 2015 Virtual Tour: Elsner-PAC, Hort Couture, Vivero Int.

Spring Trials 2015 Virtual Tour: Sakata, Kientzler, Terra Nova

Spring Trials 2015 Virtual Tour: PSI, Westflowers, Plug Connection

Recommendations on caring for your Belgian Mum cuttings

Spring Trials 2015 Virtual Tour: Cultivaris, Headstart, Varinova

9 questions to consider when considering perennials

e-commerce as an emerging industry in floriculture

Improving Your Competitive Advantage

Use Your Data To Make Smarter Marketing Decisions

Certified Organic Vegetable Production: 7 Things You Want To Know

Jumping Into Perennials: 7 Things Annuals Growers Need To Know To Get Started

The headlines and surveys agree: Edible gardening is trending up

My trip to the IGC in Chicago

How To Get Started Selling Online

How To Select Annual Varieties To Produce

Environmental and economical factors affecting the floriculture industry and how we can take advantage of opportunities for growth

Should You Be Selling Plants and Products Online?

ePlantSource™ Welcomes 5 new partners

Spring Trials: Grolink, Athena, Hort Couture

Spring Trials: Dummen, Plug Connection, Terra Nova, Westhoff, Elsner/PAC and Beekenkamp

Spring Trials: Plant Source Int. and Sakata

Spring Trials: Danziger, Head Start and Syngenta Flowers

Spring Trials: Proven Winners and Vivero Int,

Understanding freight costs to make informed purchasing decisions

Advocate Marketing - an interesting look at getting your customers involved

Is a mobile app right for your greenhouse business?

Place your order in under 4 minutes

Vote for us for the FedEx Small Business Grant

9 Steps for Developing a Website That Represents Your Business

Take Ownership of Your Online Presence

Why Gary thinks ePlantSource is good for your business.

Are Your Information Systems Holding You Back?

Partner Pages Now Live on the Site

What does technology have in store for the industry...

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