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Popularity of Succulents Continues to Soar

Posted by Robin Siktberg on Mar 8, 2016 12:04:09 PM

Easy maintenance and versatility make them an easy choice for consumers.

A few years ago, if you were asked what kind of plant came in hundreds of shapes and sizes, dozens of colors, could thrive in virtually any type of container, be used in wedding bouquets, and required almost zero maintenance, you probably would have answered, “artificial.” Now you would probably answer, “succulents.”

Succulents indeed fill all those qualifications, and more. They have become, as plant guru Allan Armitage said recently, “the hippest plants on the market.” Succulents have moved from back benches of the greenhouse to the forefront of, well, nearly everything remotely related to flowers and gardening. Place settings for a dinner party? Check. Bridal arrangements? Check. Fairy gardens? Check. Potted patio containers? Check. From green roofs to xeriscaping, succulents can be found everywhere.


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Garden center success with succulents

Posted by Courtney Coon on Jan 12, 2016 2:28:15 PM

Succulents_RetailReady.jpgEuroAmerican has had great success selling succulents on the California coast, and because of their continued popularity, succulents will be available for purchase on this season.


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