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Spring Trials: Danziger, Head Start and Syngenta Flowers

Posted by Gary Falkenstein on Apr 7, 2014 9:43:00 PM


The big news at Danziger is their new 8.8 acre production facility in Guatemala is now complete and in production for the coming season. I talked with Nimrod Barnea, production manager for Danziger, and we agreed how the new production facility is necessary for them to properly serve their growing North American market. If you read my recent blog on freight, Nimrod verified my comments on the best logistics to N.A. for cuttings from off shore is South to North (Mexico and Central America to the US and Canada). No longer will they suffer longer transit time, higher costs and delays out of their African farm. They will be using FedEx Int. direct from their farm to the customer’s door.


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