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Use Your Data To Make Smarter Marketing Decisions

Posted by Suzanne McKee on Nov 11, 2014 8:48:00 AM

My most recent article in Greenhouse Grower Magazine explores what data points matter most for your business and what to do with it once you have the information.

Article Exerpt:

Use Your Data To Make Smarter Marketing Decisions

You have likely spent a lot of time and resources on your website. You take the time to put your marketing eMails together thoughtfully before you hit the send button. But do you really know which campaigns produce results? Do you know the pages on your website that bring in visitors? Or, those that more people leave your site from?
The amount of data you can collect electronically these days can become overwhelming, but it is worthwhile to take some time to decide which metrics are important to your business, to help measure your successes and learn where changes are needed.


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How To Get Started Selling Online

Posted by Suzanne McKee on Sep 16, 2014 12:45:00 PM

In our first article in our series on e-commerce in horticulture we explored the question "Should you be selling your plants and products online?", below we've assumed that you have already answered this question in the affirmative and are ready to look at next steps.

Our latest article in Greenhouse Grower, "How To Get Started Selling Online" looks at how to get an effective business plan going, options for e-commerce, pros and cons, and other ideas for inspiration.

Article excerpt:

Thinking about adding eCommerce to your distribution model? Let’s assume you’ve already decided that yes, this is the right choice for your business. Here are the four steps you need to take.

1. Make a plan (with a realistic budget)
2. Decide on the direction of development and design
3. Staff and support it
4. Market it


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Should You Be Selling Plants and Products Online?

Posted by Suzanne McKee on Jul 18, 2014 12:17:00 PM

Our recent article in Greenhouse Grower explores decision facing many businesses today. "Should I be selling online?" If it's a question you've been pondering, take a look at the article and let us know what obstacles you are facing to adding e-commerce to your distribution model.

Article as seen in Greenhouse Grower:

At the heart of every business lie transactions. How do you purchase the supplies you need? How do you sell your final product? None of us wants to simplify our work this much but if you can’t get what you need to operate economically and you can’t sell your goods or services competitively, then the other things you do quickly become irrelevant.

The commerce models where this buying and selling happen have been transforming and evolving throughout time, oftentimes hand in hand with new advances in technology and sometimes driven by other factors. For the green industry, let’s consider brick and mortar, eCommerce and direct selling our key ways of exchanging our goods throughout the supply chain.


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